Enjoy Dolby Atmos by Netflix | Fire TV 4K or Apple TV 4K which you should choose

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A 4K TV has become familiar. If you purchase the one of Chinese manufacturer, it costs less than ¥ 100,000 from 55 inches to 65 inches in Japan

I know that unfortunately, there are only a part of BS broadcasts in commercial broadcasts.

However, with Netflix and Amazon prime videos, there are many 4K mode programs, and you can enjoy high-definition images. It is amazing!

Once you watched the 4K image drama or movie, you would feel that you can not return to the normal image program.

Of course, on some recent TV like LG TVs etc., the HD image quality is up-converted to the image quality just like 4K.

In that sense, we can say that there is an environment in which you can see beautiful images more and more!

However, when it comes to Dolby Atmos, the story is different. Dolby Atmos is the latest technology provided by Dolby.

There is still little information available, and it is said that Blue-Ray, Netflix or Amazon Prime video is providing Dolby Atmos programs.

If you can enjoy Dolby Atmos on a large 4K screen, it would be the best setting for a movie watching as a latest technology.

By the way, Dolby Atmos is the latest acoustic technology that makes the sound heard from above and below, in addition to front and back, right and left, as if you were in that space.

This time I set up the watching environment with Dolby Atmos, and I am trying to make this article because there was a pity problem when I tried to watch it.

That’s because Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K does not support Netflix’s Dolby Atmos!


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs Apple TV 4K. My recommendation is Apple TV 4K against the public reputation.

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Many blogs and AV-related articles overwhelmingly recommend Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

The reason is that although both models can watch high-definition 4K images, the Apple TV 4K 32MB is for the price of over 20,000 yen (USD 194), the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can be purchased for only 6,980 yen (USD 65).

Certainly, if you only intend to watch 4K quality video, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K may be enough, though 4K video quality could be better in Apple TV 4K.

But the story is different when it comes to enjoying Dolby Atmos.

Actually, you can not enjoy Dolby Atmos by Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K at the moment.

Actually, I contacted Amazon support center directly to confirm.

The only program with Dolby Atmos you can enjoy at Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is “Tom Clancy / CIA Analyst Jack Ryan (Subtitled Version) (4K UHD)”.

Below is a reply email from Amazon Support.

Currently, programs work on this site (Amazon Prime Video) that have been confirmed to play at Dolby Atmos are “Tom Clancy / CIA Analyst Jack Ryan (Subtitled Version) (4K UHD)” only.

If you play the above program but it doesn’t turn into Dolby Atmos, or if it doesn’t play on 4K, please wait a minute to confirm that the program won’t shift to 4K. (It will not be played in 4K immediately after playback because there is not enough internet speed. It will shift to 4K automatically after internet speed is stabilized.)

Other than the above works, it is up to the content side to respond, so if you can not play Dolby Atmos, there is a possibility that the content does not support Dolby Atmos in the first place.

If there is no problem with the environment on the above help page when playing back on Dolby Atmos on Netflix, I’m really afraid to say, but please contact the app developer if the program supports Dolby Atmos? Thank you and regards.


In addition, I checked Netflix Customer Center over the phone (overseas support, English only), and a very friendly American PIC responded.

If you want to watch the program of Dolby Atmos, search for Dolby Atmos in the search area!  I just checked about 50 programs. Click on the program you would like to wathc and you should see Dolby Atmos logo in there.



No, I have already tried it, but it was 5.1 when I click on the piece. Next to Ultra HD 4K was 5.1. I guess this is not the case.

It is not good if there isn’t Dolby Atmos.
Hmm, it looks funnyDo you use a device that supports Dolby Atmos?
Like an Apple TV 4K and Xbox one.

I am using the AV amplifier NR-1710 (Marantz), which corresponds. Then I use Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Amazon Stick 4K is not in the compatible device list.

Well, it’s Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Well, it’s not on the list, though. Maybe I think that’s the cause. It should be able to play without problems on other devices.

According to the Netflix PIC, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is not supported and basically will not play on Dolby Atmos, then it will become 5.1ch automatically.

The following is quoted from Netflix.

Which devices can use Dolby Atmos audio to watch Netflix?

The following devices can use Dolby Atmos to watch Netflix. If you want to check exactly the device model with Dolby Atmos, please visit the device manufacturer’s website. 

  • Apple TV 4K (requires tvOS 12 or later)
  • LG OLED TV (model after 2017)
  • Panasonic TVs (models after 2019)
  • Pixela 4K Smart Tuner
  • Sony BRAVIA Android TV (model after 2018)
  • Toshiba TVs (models after 2019)
  • Vizio TV (model after 2018)
  • Windows 10 computer or tablet (requires Windows 10 RS3 build 16299 or later)
  • Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X


If you easily enjoy Dolby Atmos at home, it is recommended that you use a compatible Windows 10 PC or Apple TV 4K.

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It will take some time for Dolby Atmos to spread to the home.

In a typical home, many people may give up to place even 5.1 channel speakers.

If you enjoy Dolby Atmos, at least the placement of the front Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers is required.

Further, speakers should be installed on the ceiling for maximum effect if you expect.

This is quite high hurdles.

However, this fall in 2019, a technology called “Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer” will be provided to enable virtual Dolby Atmos. If this is provided, you can virtually enjoy Dolby Atmos without installing ceiling speakers!

The NR1710 Marantz I purchased this time will also be available as a software update.

Of course, if you can install speakers on the ceiling, you can enjoy Dolby Atmos right now.

I tried to do my best to install BOSE speakers on the ceiling, hey  with DIY!

Of course I wanted to enjoy the sound, Dolby Atmos! So I bought the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, relying on the information on the net.

It is about 1/3 the price of the Apple TV 4K, so generally the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a better deal if it has the same functionality with the Apple device.

As a result, I came to say that most of the net information was wrong.

Rather, I noticed later that there were very few articles about enjoying Netflix’s Dolby Atmos on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

The limited information I could found is about the info exchange forum.  overseas user forum !

I came to this forum and thought, “Oh, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can’t play Dolby Atmos 4K properly, can it?”

Amazon’s HP says that it is compatible with Dolby Atmos, but, indeed, it does not say that Netflix etc. can be played with Dolby Atmos. (I’m misleading!?  So I contacted customer support and decided to return it)

Yes, now I can say that in this situation, you should use a Windows 10 PC or Apple TV 4K to easily watch on Dolby Atmos.

Enjoy Dolby Atmos on Windows 10

In the case of Window 10, the environment is ready if you install free software called Dolby Access . It is OK if Windows 10 is version 18898.0. You can enjoy Dolby Atmos with headphones by installing Netflix’s dedicated app on this PC. If you like it, you should pay a permanent fee.

Setting is very easy.

The perpetual fee for use is JPY 1,650Isn’t it cheap if you can experience Dolby Atmos! ?

A PC monitor compatible with HDCP 2.2 is necessary for watching on a large screen at 4K, but if you watch the movie by the monitor in front of you, it looks like a pretty clean even if it is not 4K requires HDCP 2.2 because it is about 27-33 inches. (Of course 4K with HDCP 2.2 is super superior LOL.)

The image below shows a selection of Dolby Atmos compatible programsand you can see the ATMOS logo next to HD ^ ^


Enjoy Dolby Atmos on Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is also very easy. Setting is almost automatic if we have iPhone and iPad.

Then just install Netflix and it’s now work immediately as a functionHowever, you need a compatible AV amplifier and speaker settings, the threshold are high in that sense.

Many programs are expected to be released with Dolby Atmos in the future. And you can enjoy Dolby Atmos even with a handy sound bar (a simple 3D audio speaker placed in front of the TV).

Sony’s latest HT-Z9F is compact but it also supports Dolby Atmos.

Such products will become more popular in the future.

If you think so, and if you like movies and TV dramas, you probably won’t have to regret it by buying products compatible with Dolby Atmos!?

According to Apple, “Apple TV 4K is the only streaming player certified for both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos .” Enjoy your favorite TV dramas and movies with the best sound; you can’t wait to love AV live.


Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a great device that you can easily deploy. If you enjoy movies and TV dramas with 4K quality, I think it is a good choice.

However, if you want to enjoy the sound that is wrapped from the top, bottom, left, right and back with Dolby Atmos, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is no longer an option.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K to enjoy movies and TV dramas easily with 4K image quality

Apple TV 4K for movies and TV dramas with the highest image quality and the highest and most advanced sound quality

If you can use a computer screen, you can also choose to watch movies and TV dramas by Dolby Atmos on Windows 10.

This is the current conclusion.

Please select the equipment that is most suitable for you ^ ^